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3 Reasons to Keep Marketing – Especially in This Economy

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As 2020 was shaken up by the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftereffects, many of us are still looking for solace in many areas of our life. While it’s been great to hear the support from popular brands and small businesses alike, the “we’re here for you” and “unprecedented times” messages can feel a bit stale.

Don’t give your audience the wrong impression by going silent. Here are three reasons you should continue your marketing efforts, especially in today’s economy.

You’re Open

While this might seem like a no-brainer – let your audience know you’re open and you are still doing business! Unfortunately, since there has been a spike in businesses going under, you don’t want to give your audience the wrong impression.

Your Candidates and Clients Need Your Help

As much as you want business to be back to normal, so do your candidates and clients! While this might’ve felt like a nice “break” in the beginning, everyone is ready to return back to normalcy.

Clients need your help filling positions as their businesses begin to open back up, and candidates need your help finding their next position or returning to the workforce after receiving unemployment benefits, layoffs, or unexpected career changes.

Employer Brand

Use this time to show what the core values and mission of your company truly is. Whether it’s serving the local community, demonstrating empathy to your candidates and clients, or providing extra PPE materials to your workforce – now more than ever is the time for your personality to shine!

We’re here for you! Let’s talk about your business and develop a cost-effective solution that achieves your goals.

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