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A “Thank You” You’ll Never Forget (part 2)

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Want some good news? Searching for inspirational stories? Need your faith in humanity restored?

Keep reading – I got you.

With the spirit of Thanksgiving in mind, I recently asked our team to describe the best “thank you” they ever received. Their response was so overwhelming, I had to break their stories into two posts! You can read the first collection of “thank you” stories in this post; here are a few more to brighten your day:

Elaine Materise, Digital Marketing Manager

In college, the person in front of me at Aldi’s didn’t have enough money to pay for their groceries, so my friend and I stepped up and helped out. About a week or so later, I was looking through the school newspaper and the person ended up being a professor at the school – and wrote a letter to the editor about the interaction! We were wearing Central Michigan Field Hockey clothes which is how he knew we were student-athletes. We’d spend every week looking through the newspaper to see what they wrote about our games or what pictures they used of our team, and that week we got an even better surprise!

It felt really nice to know that a mere $10 impacted someone’s day so much!

Joanna Eberts, Designer/Developer

When freelance clients tack on more than the agreed upon amount out of gratitude…that’s a great feeling. Seeing work you’ve done shared…that’s how you know someone really likes what you did.

And after a class, be it that day or years later, a student coming up and thanking you is one of the best feelings out there.

Amelia Foti, Digital Marketing Advisor

A recent “thank you” that meant a lot to me came from Brad Smith, our Director of Content & Digital Marketing. I’ve been working on an account with him, and we’ve had to overcome several challenges along the way. But, this client recently reached out asking if we could take over their website – which was a big vote of their confidence in us. Brad emailed our CEO to say how great of a job I was doing on the account, and that he wanted to make sure I was part of that sale. It really meant a lot to be recognized for my hard work!

Ryan Maher, Marketing Consultant

From our client: “I sincerely want to thank you and your team for a job well done so far. I am not sure if I was clear earlier but my intention was to communicate that at least for me, I want to think of Haley Marketing as an extension of our business. Our very own marketing department, if I can say it like that! So thank you again very much for the sincere and great customer service you and your team are providing…””

This client is the epitome of character and leadership. 2020 has been an upside-down year in so many ways, and this individual strengthens my faith in humanity every time we speak.

We’re motivated to WOW all of our clients, but I can’t overstate the positive motivation my team and I feel to go the extra mile on behalf of this client and their team. Their gratitude for our partnership makes my day! Serving great people never feels like work – it’s a joy.

Becca Searns, Product Designer

The best “thank you” I ever received was from the mom of one of the girls on my hockey team in college. My school had a women’s varsity hockey team, but no women’s club team, so I decided to start one. Her words in a comment on Facebook, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this opportunity for our Tigers to pursue their dreams and play the sport they love. Forever grateful! ❤️”

This “thank you” meant the world to me. Knowing all the hard work I put into starting that team positively impacted my teammates as much as it did me was incredibly rewarding.

Kelly Waite Stabler, Director of Client Service

During the holidays, my boss pulled me into the conference room and handed me a stack of gift cards to various stores (Lowe’s, Target, etc.) to thank me for going above and beyond during the year.

Rather than a year-end bonus, she did this so I could treat myself – knowing that as a single mom, I probably would have spent a cash bonus on my son, or bills. It was one of the most thoughtful things that has ever been done for me.

David Searns, CEO

Boxes of meat! I’m not kidding.

At the beginning of the pandemic, our team really bent over backward to help a client with their very aggressive marketing plans. Happily, all the hard work really paid off very well for this client, and we were completely surprised when thank you gifts (carefully shipped boxes of steaks, ribs, pork chops and more) arrived to key members of our team who work with this client. It was very unexpected, and the recognition was very appreciated.

Rob Herbein, Director, Mamu Media

A mom from the baseball team I coach thanked me for being a positive influence on her son. He had to write a story at school about someone that he looks up to and inspires them to be better, and he wrote about me being that person for him.

Matt Lozar, Director of Recruitment Marketing

When I left my previous job (before coming to Haley Marketing), the women’s basketball team that I worked with gave me a really nice card signed by the team with a lot of words of encouragement. As I was totally switching careers, that was something cool to receive and gave me a weird sense of confidence that I would be OK at my new job.

Stephanie Ryndak, Digital Marketing Manager

My best “thank you” is hearing my grandma talk about her surprise birthday brunch for WEEKS after it happened. She couldn’t stop talking about it because “no one has ever surprised her like that before.” Seeing her light up smile about it is why that’s my favorite “thank you”!

What’s the best “thank you” you’ve ever received?

I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below or drop me a line. And from all of us at Haley Marketing, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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