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How Can You Acquire New Clients in 2021?

Client Acquisition Strategies for 2021
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The following transcript was taken from InSights, a staffing and recruiting podcast from Haley Marketing dedicated to providing quick-hitting takeaways on Digital Marketing and Recruitment Marketing. To listen to the episode, click play on the player above or visit the episode page [InSights] New Takes from the Top Shows of 2020


Brad Bialy: It was one of the first episodes that we released at the beginning of the year. And it ended up generating the most listens throughout 2020. How can you acquire new clients in 2020? Matt, I know at that time it was a dated episode for 2020, but let’s talk about 2021.

How Can We Acquire New Clients in 2021?

Matt Lozar: Gut reaction is a lot of this main stuff doesn’t change. Whenever we talk about campaigns or a way to acquire new clients, it’s speaking to their pain points and pain points obviously change. It’s different at the beginning of 2021 than it was at the beginning of 2020. But think about your client’s clients, what are their pain points and how can you help solve their pain points? And I think where it could really change is the delivery of that. I’m sure there are still site visits on where you can go to visit potential clients, current clients, et cetera, a little harder I’m sure with safety regulations at this time of year, but what can you do with video reach out? We’ve seen some clients work really well, just sending personalized 60 to 90-second videos, speaking about how they can help. And it’s a way to warm that lead to help you acquire new business.

Brad Bialy: I think we sat on Lunch with Haley last week and we could put a link to that episode in the show notes that it takes 15 to 20 touches before somebody actually gives you their attention and reaches out and asks you for more information. I think as we look at generating clients in 2021, that number might even increase. People are inundated with marketing messaging, they’re inundated with email and texts and phone calls and you need to make sure that what you’re doing is cutting through that noise is cutting through that clutter. Matt said it best, it’s going back to those tried and true principles, but using your messaging in a way that captivates attention, we need to make sure that everything we’re doing is speaking to the pain points of that target prospect so that when they understand, “Yes, I have this challenge. This is who I go to for the solution.” It’s a perfect analogy, Matt. And it’s thinking through, what can you do to alleviate that stress, alleviate that pressure.

Matt Lozar: I’m going to one-up the Brad analogy here, who loves analogies. It’s 15, 20 touch points if that increases, let’s think about it from the seats you’re in right now as a staffing agency or a recruiter. What’s content, we always see or write about? How to get your resume to the top of the pile. How do you get your offer for new business or that message to the top of your potential prospects pile? It’s a very similar challenge.

Brad Bialy: I like that a lot.

Matt Lozar: So if unemployment’s in a weird spot, right? We don’t know if benefits will be extended on December 26, it’s in Congress right now, but there are people looking for jobs, always. They want to get to the top of the resume pile. How can you get to the top of your potential prospects pile?

Brad Bialy: I will say that having a hard sale on LinkedIn as the first message when you connect with somebody is not the answer in 2021. I will be very clear about that. If we’re thinking tactical, LinkedIn is a great place to connect with individuals, connect with potential prospects, potential individuals who want to learn about your services. The worst thing you can do upon connecting with somebody is saying, “Hey, I’m Brad, this is what I do.” No one cares. I mean, plain and simple. You need to earn that trust, earn that relationship, build that relationship, and then talk about yourself. So Matt, honestly, man, I think you had a perfect analogy there. To wrap us up, I’m just going to just say it one more time. Think through, from a candidates’ perspective, how hard it is to cut through the clutter from a resume, you are trying to do that with your services when you reach out to potential prospects and potential clients.

Brad Bialy: How can you elevate your value proposition to the top of that list? How can you elevate your level of services compared to your local or national competition? Double down on that think through messaging, think through getting creative, think through getting outside of the box, outside of the norm of what everyone else is doing. And if you’d love a hand with that in 2021, we’d certainly love to walk through what that might look like for you specifically.

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