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Silver Linings: Lessons from 2020 Part 1 – Most Downloaded eBooks

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2020 got off to a fantastic start. 

But we all know what happened next:  

Along came a tiny virus that dealt a huge blow to our industry – and transformed many aspects of our personal and professional lives. 

Through all these changes, we worked tremendously hard to find the silver lining – for our clients and ourselves, too. We created new low-cost marketing products. Offered special promotions. Doubled our free monthly webinars. And developed innovative ways to ways to make marketing faster, more effective and less expensive for you. 

Brighter days are ahead.

The new year is here. Recovery is on the way. And despite its ups and downs, 2020 taught us some unforgettable lessons. Now that it’s finally over (whew!), we wanted to give you a present: 

The gift of knowledge!

 In this series, we share our “best of the best” from 2020 – a year’s worth of marketing insights, best practices, and success stories in one tidy package. 

Our top eBooks are related to sales lead gen, recruiting and more, and they’re free for you to download today.

Most Downloaded eBooks

2020 Vision Workbook: A Step-by-Step Guide for Achieving Your Goals 

This interactive workbook guides you through the process of defining your vision. Setting goals. Crafting strategy. And determining the best marketing and recruiting tactics. 

Essential Guide to Staffing Sales Lead Generation 

Your step-by-step guide to using integrated direct marketing and content and inbound marketing to generate staffing leads. 

Staffing SEO Strategies: Welcome to the New School 

Five essential lessons to help you modernize your SEO strategy. Optimize your jobs and website to rank well in relevant searches. And drive more targeted traffic to your website. 

Smart Marketing Checklist: 150 Ways to Improve Your Marketing 

Is your marketing effective? Affordable? Strategic? Are you using the right tactics to achieve your goals? This guide answers these questions and more, sharing 150 ideas to make your marketing smarter. 

Smart Recruiting Checklist: 190 Ideas to Make Your Recruiting Smarter 

Talent acquisition is more than job advertising and direct recruiting. Find more than 190 questions to help you evaluate the four “pillars” of your recruiting strategy – and dramatically improve your results. 

Staffing Websites – Strategies for 2020 and Beyond 

Thirty-seven pages of mind-blowing design and content ideas to build a world-class website that keeps your sales and recruiting funnels full – and drives response. 

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