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Silver Linings: Lessons from 2020 Part 2 – Best of the Idea Club

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2020 got off to a fantastic start.

But we all know what happened next.

Through all these changes, we worked tremendously hard to find the silver lining – for our clients and ourselves, too. With that being said, brighter days are ahead, and the new year is finally here (whew!).

This series shares the gift of knowledge. In the posts to come we’ll share the best of 2020: a year’s worth of marketing insights, best practices, and success stories in one tidy package. 

If you missed the first post in the series, check it out here:

Silver Linings: Lessons from 2020 Part 1 – Most Downloaded eBooks

Today we’re sharing the best of the Idea Club.

What Is the Best Marketing for a Staffing Agency? 

It depends! Marketing not only needs to fit your business model and goals; it must adapt to changing circumstances in the market, too.  

 Learn 13 key questions you must answer to determine what will work best for you – and four key strategies to build a marketing engine that will stand the test of time. 

2020 Staffing Industry Outlook Survey Results 

How hard did the pandemic hit the staffing industry? What sales and marketing tools are most effective now? How long will the recovery take?  

Based on our survey of nearly 200 staffing industry professionals, this report answers these questions and shares recommendations to adapt to the current economic environment – and thrive in the upturn. 

Creating Certainty in Uncertain Times 

If you are in staffing or recruiting, the challenge you face is creating more certainty. Certainty in sales. Certainty in recruiting. And most importantly, certainty in your cash flow. 

This article provides a framework for building a sales and recruiting engine that powers your company, enables your team to achieve greater results, and prepares your business to rebound faster. 

Employee Advocacy for Staffing Firms 

Social media drives paid advertising by taking away your ability to reach your audience organically. To get the maximum value from social platforms – without spending too much – you need to level the playing field.  

Learn why and how to get your whole team involved in social sharing to maximize your reach, build your brand and generate more leads. 

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