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Brad Bialy: We talked about online reputation, quite a bit in 2020 as well. Our fourth, most listened to episode talked about online reputation.

Why is now the perfect time to be proactive in managing your online reputation?

Matt Lozar: I’m coming at this from two different ways. I think from the temporary worker who works your assignment locally, when a lot of people got laid off or furloughed, naturally we leave reviews when we’re in a negative mood or had a negative experience. When people lose their jobs, they’re not happy. They may have left a lot of reviews on Indeed, Facebook, Glassdoor, Google about your staffing agency and your company. So hopefully you’ve been managing that proactively already. The other way I think about is if you’re in the direct hire world, the people you can recruit have changed a lot, right? I was talking to a financial company recently to where it’s a very competitive part of the industry.

Matt Lozar: And he joked, “When you need someone you just went and stole from your neighbor, your competitor, next door.” He goes. “Now if I’m located in Buffalo, New York, I can steal from Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, Texas, Orlando, Florida.” So think about that reputation you have online. People who have never heard of your company, you may reach out to source them or direct recruit them for your openings, one of the first things they’re going to do is check out your reviews, your online reputation, your employer brand. What does it say? What are people going to read and hear when they search for you the first time that may have never heard of you, but the pandemic open doors to you, sourcing candidates in different time zones.

Brad Bialy: Online reviews are your first impression. When you think about your organization, online reviews are your first impression. We, as consumers have learned that online reviews are the place to look when you’re looking for a purchase. We’ve also now learned that reviews are where you look for services. Staffing services are no different. We need to make sure that your online reviews are positive. They’re professional. They’re a true representation of who you are. You might be the best staffing firm in the world. If your online reviews say that you’re not even the best staffing firm in Buffalo, because of a couple of negative reviews, what image is that sending to applicants? What image is that sending to prospects? Again, you might have quantifiably the best service in the world, but if your reviews don’t speak to that, well, then that is the reality. So as Matt’s saying, you need to make sure that you’re actively looking at your clients, your associates on assignment, and you’re asking them to leave that feedback, leave positive feedback about you, ask them to do so, and then drive them to that form where they can do that efficiently and effectively.


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