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Silver Linings: Lessons from 2020 Part 6 – Favorite Insights Podcast Episodes

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2020 got off to a fantastic start.

But we all know what happened next.

Through all these changes, we worked tremendously hard to find the silver lining – for our clients and ourselves, too. 

Brighter days are ahead.

The new year is here. Recovery is on the way. And despite its ups and downs, 2020 taught us some unforgettable lessons. Now that it’s finally over (whew!), we wanted to give you a present with the gift of knowledge.

In our Silver Lining series, we’ve shared our “best of the best” from 2020 – a year’s worth of marketing insights, best practices, and success stories in one tidy package. 

Our final post in the series covers our favorite Insights podcast episodes.

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Favorite Insights Podcast Episodes: 

Episode 47: Preparing Your Marketing for Q4 


  • Prepare your marketing for Q4 
  • The iOS update that limits (and blocks) Facebook ads 
  • Three ways to improve conversion rates on your job board 

Episode 49: Can You Build a Recruitment Marketing Strategy for Just $2,500/month? 


  • What are visitors’ first impressions of your website? 
  • Why we need to think fast but act slowly on social media 
  • Build a killer recruitment marketing strategy on a budget 

Episode 50: Your Employer Brand Doesn’t have to Be Everything to Everyone 


  • Conversion rates: Is your website helping or hurting your lead funnel? 
  • Your employer brand doesn’t have to be everything to everyone 
  • Two ways programmatic job advertising works for the staffing industry 

Episode 48: Are You Creating Content Worthy of Your Audience’s Time? 


  • Is your content truly valuable to your audience? 
  • How to handle a negative comment on a social media post 
  • Are you using the communication tactics your applicants want to use? 

Episode 51: When Will Google Stop Breaking Our Hearts? 


  • Is LinkedIn’s algorithm making it impossible to share content? 
  • A thought on “Position 0” on Google… 
  • Annual job board contract vs. a flexible, monthly budget

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