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Social Media Marketing for Staffing Companies: Top Trends for 2021

social media marketing trends
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Social media marketing is constantly evolving, especially in our world where digital platforms are a necessity. If you’re not representing your staffing company using the right tactics, your business could suffer because of it. As 2021 continues, it’s essential to consider some of the top trends currently happening on social media and how your business can benefit. 

Haley Marketing discusses the following trends to consider in 2021: 

Growth of Artificial Intelligence

There’s no doubt that the importance of Artificial Intelligence for staffing companies has grown in recent years. The use of chatbots alone has helped businesses receive quicker replies, better services, and provides a 24/7 ‘agent’ to attend to candidate/client needs. 

If you’ve questioned whether or not a chatbot is right for your business, these are the most significant impacts they have on a company: 

1. Improved customer engagement

2. Marketing funnel guidance

3. Relevant notifications

4. Broadened customer reach

5. Increased brand value

Haley Marketing has chatbot services tailored for you! Be sure to connect with us to discuss options for your staffing firm. 

Genuine and Original Content is More Important Than Ever

It’s no secret that content is king. What your staffing company is putting on your website, social media, emails, etc., matters! When deciding what type of content to put out there, there must be a strategy. 

When trying to make sure your content gets noticed, it’s essential to consider the following tactics: 

  1. Keyword research. What keywords are reflective of your services, and what do you want to gain visibility for? This is a starting point that should not be skipped. It helps develop a clear roadmap of what your content needs to focus on. 
  2. Different forms of content. Content can be a mix of both short-form and long-form content. Whether it is a long, informative article about something related to your staffing company and services or a short social media post — versatility matters! Not everyone is going to resonate with a long-article, video, or social post. It’s essential to provide different forms of content.
  3. Paid promotion. If you want to gain traction for your desired audience fast, this is the must-do marketing tactic. This tactic allows your brand a higher possibility to be seen by a larger audience than it would be without any paid promotion. 

Leverage Video Content

An easy and practical way to make your content more eye-catching and engaging to most audiences is through video. You can repurpose almost any piece of content into a video. According to 88% of marketers in 2020, video helps provide them with a positive ROI when used in their strategy. Whether it’s your team discussing a job opening, a video about a blog on your website, or anything in between, video marketing is a must!

Stand Out On Social Media in 2021

With everyone being on social media for their business nowadays, it’s important to have the right strategy to back up your brand. This is where Haley Marketing comes in! We have a team of experts to help tackle your business needs and lead those into a marketing plan that suits your goals. Connect with our team to get started!

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