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What’s a Marketing Stack – and Why Does Your Staffing Firm Need One?

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In staffing, we hear a lot about building your “tech stack” – the series of technologies used to run your business. When it comes to your staffing firm’s sales and recruiting functions, however, there’s another equally important stack you need to build: your marketing stack.

What is a marketing stack?

At a fundamental level, your marketing stack is the unique mix of strategies and tools needed to drive sales and enhance recruiting. Digging a bit deeper, your marketing stack consists of the strategies, tools, and technologies you use to create awareness, tell your story, attract inbound leads, boost sales productivity, convert prospects to clients, and maximize your recruiting efficiency.

And today, there are more marketing options than ever to consider:

  1. Staffing websites: The backbone of a staffing agency’s marketing strategy.
  2. Branded content: Examples include e-newsletters, branded magazines and sponsored webinars.
  3. Digital marketing: Tools like social media marketing, PPC advertising, SEO and integrated direct marketing.
  4. Recruitment marketing: Comprised of four pillars – career sites, job advertising, social recruiting and employer branding.
  5. Marketing technology: Content marketing tools, career portal software, video production tools, marketing automation and analytics platforms.


Just as no two staffing firms are identical, no two marketing stacks are exactly alike. The optimal mix of strategies, tools and technology for your firm depends on your agency’s unique goals and challenges.

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Why does your staffing firm need a marketing stack?

The marketing stack takes a more holistic approach to building a high-performing marketing engine that drives qualified sales leads and applications. Too often, we see staffing agencies limiting their marketing to one tactic like social media or email. But by looking at the whole marketing stack, you can develop more thorough strategies and tactics to support sales and recruiting.

Want to learn more about marketing stack fundamentals for staffing firms?

Watch “Building Your Marketing Stack.” In this Lunch with Haley, our Co-CEO, David Searns, explains the “marketing pyramid” and provides an in-depth exploration of the key elements of your marketing stack. Topics include:

  • Building a solid foundation through messaging
  • Essential digital & traditional marketing
  • Integrating branded content into sales & recruiting
  • Recruitment marketing strategies
  • Must-have marketing technology

Optimizing your marketing stack will generate better results for your staffing firm.

Connect with a marketing educator to find out how the right combination of strategies and tools can help you drive sales and enhance recruiting.

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