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25 Digital Marketing Ideas For Our 25th Birthday

25 Digital Marketing Ideas for our 25th Birthday Featured Image
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August is our official 25th birthday, but it’s never too early to start the celebration!

Our team members have put our heads together and come up with these 25 Digital Marketing Ideas to share with our friends in the staffing industry.

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25 Digital Marketing Ideas For Staffing and Recruiting

  1. Share Real-Life Photos Of Your Team

It’s great for employer branding to put a face to a brand. It provides a sneak-peek into what working with a company is like. Photos of team members working with candidates, in the community, or at company events can help humanize a brand and create an emotional connection with the audience.

  1. Use A/B Testing To Optimize Facebook Ads

Systematically test headlines, copy, images, and calls to action to see which perform best. To set up an A/B test, make two ads identical except for one variable; serve both ads to the same exact audience, and don’t run any other ads during the trial.

  1. Build A Detailed Content And Social Sharing Calendar

It keeps your content focused, relevant, and aligned with your overall marketing strategy. The time you invest in creating your calendar will make execution so much easier.

  1. Integrate Monthly Emails into Client Communication

Whether you’re sending information on staffing, top candidates, hot jobs, or just a fun seasonal greeting, it’s important to stay top of mind with clients and candidates so, “when they need you, they’ll know you.”

  1. Don’t Just Focus on Professional Content

The best social media post for a healthcare staffing company in California was of their annual guacamole contest. Show the human side of your team!

  1. Find The Perfect Tone For Your Brand Voice

What gets your audience engaged? Being bold and fresh, or professional and formal? Think through not only content but how you engage with your audience online in the comments or messages.

  1. Steal Your Competitor’s Search Traffic

Use tools to identify your competitions’ top-performing blog posts, reverse engineer, and write better content to outrank them.

  1. Top 3 Tips for Digital Marketing Success

Focus on these three digital marketing areas to improve awareness, ROI, and efficiency – tell a better story, double-down on technology, and automate.

  1. Automate or Die

Staffing firms who choose to automate their marketing and processes will win. Those who don’t will be left behind.

  1. Don’t Set And Forget Your SEO

Continually updating and maintaining your SEO can drive better results.

  1. Improve Your Site’s SEO Right Now

A large portion of your site’s traffic is driven organically by search engines. By optimizing your site regularly, you are improving your opportunity to be seen.

  1. Keep Social Media Up-To-Date And Active

Having highly engaged social media accounts will build your credibility, help establish brand awareness, and reinforce company culture.

  1. Control Social Media Accounts

With social media being almost a cost of doing business these days, you want to be as organized as possible when it comes to account access, password management, and general control of your accounts.

  1. Follow The Data to Squeeze More Out Of Your Strengths

Google Analytics and Google Search Console provide excellent insight into what’s working and identify any gaps.

  1. Facebook Pixel: How to Implement, Measure and Optimize

Gather user information from your website to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns and manage your advertising spend!

  1. Use Facebook Ads for Social Recruiting

Facebook has nearly 3 billion active monthly users. You can target your audience by location or skill, and best of all, your ads are served to both active and passive job seekers.

  1. Choose the Right Type of Google Campaign

Google offers a lot of variety when it comes to the types of campaigns you can create, and each reaches clients/candidates in different ways.

  1. Don’t Forget Bing

Bing is an underrated search engine that can do more than you think! There are so many ways to get value from Bing, particularly from search campaigns.

  1. Control LinkedIn Advertising Costs

LinkedIn ads are notoriously expensive. Lower costs by focusing your target and testing your message on followers to evaluate engagement before committing to a paid strategy.

  1. Leverage Google’s Targeting Capacity

There are many different ways to get in front of the right users, at the right time, and in the right place, such as URL targeting, placement targeting, in-market targeting, etc.

  1. Run an ATS Engagement PPC Campaign

Target your existing ATS database and stay in front of candidates with new jobs.

  1. Create Irresistible CTAs for Your Next Pay-Per-Click Campaign

“Learn More” and “Contact Us” get the job done, but they don’t always create excitement. Compile a list of unique and engaging Calls to Action that ignite curiosity and compel clients and candidates to take that next step.

  1. Design More Engaging Pay-Per-Click Graphics

Outline the most basic and essential design principles to consider when creating the graphics for a pay-per-click campaign – anything from colors and branding, photo selection, and typography, to movement and video.

  1. Set Up An Effective PPC Campaign

No matter which platform you use or what your budget is, there are a few things every campaign has in common that should be triple-checked before launch! These include your goals, target audience, and CTAs.

  1. Dig Into Your Database

Your candidate ATS list is a valuable resource. Don’t let it gather dust. Use this built-in audience for Google Ads, Facebook ads, email, or texts. You can segment to send specific messaging.

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