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[Interview] Maurice Fuller, Founder of StaffingTec and StackVantage

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Few people have their finger on the pulse of technology in the staffing industry more than Maurice Fuller. Maurice is the founder of StaffingTec and StackVantage, and he consults with staffing companies to help them build the optimal tech stacks for their organizations. 

Prior to becoming one of the the industry’s leading technology advisors, he was part of the leadership team at an IT staffing business that he helped grow from $35 to $150 million. 

In this episode of Secrets of Staffing Success, we geek out with Maurice about: 

  • Digital transformation of staffing firms and the staffing industry 
  • Acceleration of change throughout the industry 
  • The “innovation stack” and continuous improvement 

In addition to all the tech talk, we also discuss the human side of staffing and technology. Maurice shares a warning about the consequences of falling behind, the gains that can be achieved by the right integration of people and technology, and the importance of both great tech and great leadership. And if that wasn’t enough, Maurice shares a few predictions about the future of staffing – and what will the industry be like in 2030. 

Connect with Maurice on LinkedIn and learn more about StackVantage and StaffingTec 365  the staffing industry’s only always-on global digital platform where the staffing technology community gathers to connect, learn and grow. 

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