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Big Ideas for Social Recruiting Part 2: Create Images and Videos

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Want to get more candidates into your ATS?

Of course you do! Unfortunately, it’s a tough world out there in recruiting right now. That’s why the folks at Haley Marketing put their heads together to come up with a great big list of social recruiting ideas. Today’s post focuses on using visual media. Because you know what they say:

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially on Facebook.

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Big Ideas for Social Recruiting Part 1: Consider Your Audience 

So what’s the best way to catch job seekers’ attention on social media?

Create great images and videos for sharing.

Here’s 10 ways to get noticed:

  1. Create branded Facebook Frames. You can create branded Facebook Frames for your candidates to use with their profile pictures. How about “I got a new job through XYZ Staffing” or “XYZ Staffing just hired me” frames?
  2. Use real employees in social sharing instead of stock photos. Use (and tag!) photos of real humans. It will not only boost the relatability of the post; it will also show the picture on that employee’s feed and expose the post to people you may not already be connected to.
  3. Give your new hires the tools to show off their new job. Provide your new hires with graphics they can share on their own social media accounts or even something they could wear in a photo to be shared with their friends and family. Take things one step further and hold a weekly or monthly drawing for a fun prize for the people who post!
  4. Create eye-catching “Now Hiring” images. These two simple words will attract the attention of active job seekers.
  5. Share video testimonials of happy employees. Reward good workers with a gift (e.g., shirt, mug, small gift card) for recording a one-minute video talking about finding a job through your firm and how much they like their job. Brand the video to your agency and share it on social media (be sure to include links to your job board and career site). Shameless Plug #2! If you’re looking for an EASY and LOW-COST way to create branded testimonial videos, check out our Video NOW software.
  6. Make a short video of the job and expectations. Bring your jobs to life by creating short videos discussing the job and how candidates can get in touch. Show people where they will work, what the work looks like, and who their supervisor will be. The more you can help people visualize the job, the more response you will get. That Video NOW tool mentioned above…it can create these kinds of videos too!
  7. Use LinkedIn video as an opportunity to showcase expertise and build trust with your audience. Create one- to three-minute educational videos once a week designed to help job seekers achieve their goals.
  8. Try TikTok to target a younger audience. You can expand your recruiting reach to a different demographic with TikTok videos. Your videos could include resume tips, how to decide what job to look for, interview 101, what to wear, etc.
  9. Launch a YouTube channel with career tips for job seekers. You may not think of YouTube as social media, but 30 million people are on it every day. Look at the format of Legal Eagle and Dr. Mike for video ideas.
  10. Create branded templates for sharing social content. Giving your social posts a cohesive look is more than just professional; it helps increase brand recognition/awareness. Over time, job seekers will associate the look of your posts with your firm, and instantly recognize your content as they scroll through their feeds.

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If you can’t wait to read our next big ideas on social recruiting, you can find “50+ Ideas for Social Recruiting” here.

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