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3 Must-Have Automations to Improve Candidate Engagement in 2022 

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Need to kickstart your automation in 2022?

Start the New Year strong by renewing your commitment to optimizing each candidate’s experience with your staffing firm.

Customized automation messaging provides a great opportunity to display your brand while showing candidates the benefits of working with your firm. Obviously, each staffing firm will have different processes and preferred ways of engaging candidates, but every staffing agency can benefit from keeping in touch with candidates pre-placement.

Don’t forget to add these 3 automation workflows to your active list:

1. Post Application Series

It’s a well-known fact that the best candidates are off the table within 7 days. Staffing companies need to identify quality talent quickly or risk losing them to other firms. Saying “thank you for applying” is a great first step, but how can you make sure great candidates don’t slip through your fingers?

Build out your new-applicant automation campaign to ensure they are engaged and excited to continue the process. Use the series to:

  • Thank them for applying
  • Remind them who you are (Many candidates apply to multiple jobs with multiple staffing firms at one time.)
  • Let them know you are reviewing their application
  • Provide status updates during the review process
  • Make them aware of other job opportunities
  • Tell them more about your firm
  • Create a checks-and-balances system to notify recruiters when new applicants haven’t been reviewed

Sample Automation Verbiage for New Applicants to Your Staffing Firm

2. Post Candidate/Recruiter Interview Survey

After you interview a candidate for a particular position is a great time to get their feedback on the process, build a stronger connection with the candidate, and show you value their opinion. Use the automation to:

  • Thank them for taking the time to interview
  • Obtain feedback you can use to improve your intake and pre-qualification process
  • Ask the candidate to reach out with additional questions

Sample Automation Verbiage for a Post Candidate/Recruiter Interview Survey

3. Silver Medal Series

Sometimes a candidate isn’t a great fit for a role and is rejected by the client. It happens. But then what? You don’t want to say goodbye, right? Create an automation series to keep them interested in other great opportunities through your firm. Use the series to:

  • Offer feedback if it is provided by the client
  • Direct the candidate to your job board for other opportunities
  • Ask them to update their skills and interests
  • Remind them to check out your blog, training resources or other job-search/career development tools
  • Offer encouragement

Sample Verbiage for a Candidate Who’s Not Right for the Role

Does your firm need help creating candidate engagement automations for 2022?

Our experts can audit your workflows-in-progress, create an automation roadmap tailored to your firm’s goals, and help you discover your own must-have journeys. Partner with us today!

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