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How to Scale Your Automation in 2022

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Looking to ramp up your automation game in 2022? We’ve got some ideas for you!

Whether you’re trying to boost recruiting, sales or both, these tips will help you achieve your goals:

  • Establish your brand
  • Engage candidates
  • Reduce ghosting
  • Increase revenue
  • Fill jobs faster

Internal Notifications

Internal notification workflows keep the database clean and ensure recruiters follow processes to keep candidates moving through the employment process smoothly. Check in with your recruiters to see what notifications will create more efficiency in their operations. Consider a notification when:

  • A status needs to be changed
  • A job order can be closed
  • An end date is coming up
  • An end date has passed

If your platform allows field write-backs, then some status changes can happen automatically. For example, the candidate’s status could change to “interviewing” after the candidate receives a post-apply thank you workflow. Or when a new lead completes a chatbot and schedules an interview time on a recruiter’s schedule, their status could automatically change to “interview scheduled”.

Weekly Check-ins

Create a workflow to check in with available candidates weekly. Staying in touch creates a hot pool of candidates who can “raise their hands” when they are ready to work. Knowing who’s prepared to work allows recruiters to save time making phone calls and prioritize candidates who raise their hands. Consider a simple yes/no survey to gather responses!

Hot Jobs

Have great new jobs to fill?

Build a one-time or ongoing automation to alert candidates to new jobs posted in your career portal. Target candidates based on their skills, interests, or past placements. A Hot Jobs workflow is a great way to stir up your ATS, engage passive candidates, or re-activate existing available candidates without the cost of sourcing new applicants! Consider sending an email with detailed information, and then follow-up a few hours later with a heads-up text alerting them to important information in their inbox.

Sales Drip

Boost sales with a series of touchpoints designed to keep your firm in front of clients. Whether it’s a welcome series or a campaign based on a client’s status, this evergreen material can:

  • Introduce your firm
  • Offer to answer questions
  • Supply testimonials
  • Provide resources
  • Explain the benefits of working with your firm

Referral Request

Did you know that job seekers referred by current candidates are three times as likely to be placed? That’s a convincing reason to create a Referral Request workflow or add referral/review touchpoints to an already built workflow! However, it pays to be strategic with your timing. Before you ask a candidate to do you a solid, think about where they are in the employment process. Try asking them for referrals or a review when they are most likely to be happy with their employment experience, such as right after they are hired on with your firm or placed in a new assignment.

Looking to scale up your automations in 2022? We can help! Contact our automation optimization experts today.

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