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Owning It: Who Should Operate and Manage Your Staffing Firm’s Automation Platform? 

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Do you have a dedicated automation champion in your staffing firm? 

If not, it’s going to be difficult—if not impossible—to achieve the results you want. 

You can’t step in and out of an automation platform, although we’ve seen plenty of firms try. To reap the rewards of automation, you must have an internal champion or subject matter expert who is knowledgeable about your business and can dedicate daily chunks of time to build, launch, analyze, and optimize workflows. They must also have the right mindset and truly believe automation can enormously benefit the firm.  

Dabblers need not apply. 

As much as we’d like to say automation is easy and everyone should do it, we’d only be telling half of the truth. 

True: Every staffing firm should explore how automation can improve their business.  

Also true: It takes consistent, diligent, determined effort and a dash of audacity to launch successful workflows. 

Even more true: Automation can save your recruiters’ time and increase your firm’s revenue, but it isn’t always fast or easy. 

So how do you find the right person to operate your firm’s automation platform?  

Look for a mix of hard and soft skills. In our work with clients using automation, we’ve discovered a few skills and traits that lead to successful automation strategies.

Choose an operator who is: 


Many automation platforms offer training periods to help you get started. In addition to that training, your automation operator needs to have a deep understanding of your firm’s processes. This knowledge will help them identify process gaps: places where automation can add value to the candidate and client experience. 


Once a workflow is live, it’s time to analyze and optimize results. Very few automations don’t need tweaking to deliver optimal results. The best operators are detail-oriented and methodical. They carefully choose audiences and exceptions and line up touchpoints, and then they gleefully look forward to making changes once replies, responses, and applications start rolling in. 


Did I mention automation isn’t always easy? Mistakes are part of the process. Don’t think of them as failures. Think of them as teachers, guiding you toward better processes. Choose an operator who is both relentless and resilient, forging ahead and not allowing mistakes to inhibit progress. 


Progress can occur by leaps and bounds or it can happen by inches. Either way, the person managing your staffing firm’s automation team needs to be a smart goal setter. Pick someone able to maintain focus and hold themselves accountable for getting the job done. 

Plays well with others.

A great way to speed up the learning curve is by choosing an automation partner. (Haley Marketing would love to be yours!) Having an experienced buddy can help you get workflows built faster and with less stress. If you plan on partnering with an automation specialist, choose an operator who enjoys collaboration and brainstorming. Teamwork makes the dream work! 

Would you like to consult an expert who has been there, done that, and can help you do it, too? We’d love to talk with you. Contact our automation experts today! 

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