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[InSights] Can Instagram Help with Recruiting?

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Welcome to InSights, the staffing podcast from Haley Marketing built to help you with your recruitment and digital marketing. Whether we’re talking about digital marketing trends or what’s working right now for staffing and recruiting firms across North America, we’re here to share our InSights on how you can stand out, stay top-of-mind, and sell more.


Episode Segments:

  • Can Instagram and Facebook Help You Recruit? A Question from ASA Central
  • ChatGPT: We’re Just Getting Started


Episode Overview:

00:01 “Welcome to Insights with Brad Bialy and Matt Lozar!”

00:43 “How Golf Season and Weather Affect Your Spirits”

02:13 “Can Instagram and Facebook Help You Recruit? A Question from ASA Central”

04:00 “Limitations of Using Instagram for Recruiting”

11:05 “Paid Content on Facebook – A Must for Social Media Strategies”

11:52 “Targeted Social Media Strategy on Facebook – What You Need to Know”

12:41 “Evaluate Your Social Media Strategies”

13:39 “ChatGPT – We’re Just Getting Started but there is SO Much Potential”



Brad Bialy 
(LinkedIn / Twitter)

Brad Bialy has a deep passion for helping staffing and recruiting firms achieve their business objectives through strategic digital marketing. For over a decade, Brad has developed a proven track record of motivating and educating staffing industry professionals at over 100 industry-specific conferences and webinars.

As a visionary leader, Brad has helped guide the social media, content marketing, and comprehensive marketing execution of more than 300 staffing and recruiting firms. His keen eye for strategy and delivery has resulted in multiple industry award-winning social media campaigns, making him a sought-after expert in the industry.

Matt Lozar 

(LinkedIn / Twitter / Bio)


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