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About Social Media Strategy

Why do you Need a Social Presence?

Your audience is there.

Facebook has over 1 billion members (and probably just added a few million more). And, we won’t even bore you with stats from the other networks. The simple truth is that your target audience spends time (a whole lot of it) on social networks.

Social media influences purchase decisions.

60-70% of buying (and employment) decisions are influenced by social media. Employers and job seekers actively seek out referrals online–what will they find out about you?

Social media influences search rankings.

Google, Bing and Yahoo are using social media in their search results. The more people are talking about you and sharing your content, the more you’ll be found on search engines.

How Haley Marketing Can Help

Strategy Consulting

Let us craft the ideal plan for your business.

Tell us what you want to accomplish, and we’ll show you how. With our consulting services, we custom design a social marketing strategy based on the types of staffing you do and your recruiting and/or sales goals.

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Social Profile Creation

We’ll ensure you look great…everywhere.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube. Every social network is different, and we’ll make sure you’re taking full advantage of what each site offers.

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Social Pro

Amp up your results with our award winning social sharing service.

With Social Pro we manage your social marketing to drive more clients and candidates to your website.

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We’re really impressed with the engagement we’ve seen on our social platforms and the traffic it drives to our website.

Christopher Cummings, Account Manager, Davis Staffing

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