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David, you should create a blog.

David, I really think you should be blogging.

David, what in the hell are you waiting for?

Yes, I’ve been encouraged, not so gently, to start a blog. Why? Because I’m a bit of a marketing geek (okay, maybe more than a bit), and I’m really passionate about finding new and better ways for staffing and search firms to market their services.

And that’s exactly the point of this blog.

I’m hoping to make this an interactive forum for exchanging ideas, best practices, and crazy random thoughts on how to make marketing work better for staffing and search firms.

Here’s my promise. I’ll keep being a marketing geek. Then as I find new ideas (whether they’re from staffing or other industries), I’ll share them here.

Here’s all that I ask. If you like these ideas (or even if you don’t), share your thoughts. I’ll forewarn you that I’m likely to share some “out there” ideas. Let me know if you love ’em or hate ’em. And if you have ideas–whether it’s something you’ve actually implemented or just your own crazy thoughts, please share them as well.

If we’re successful, this will become the staffing industry’s best source for effective techniques for business development, client retention and recruiting.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to brainstorming together!


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