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Using Twitter to Generate Interest in Your E-Newsletter

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One of my clients recently asked me, “Should I be using Twitter to promote my e-newsletter?”

Of course!  Email and social media are proven to be stand alone successful marketing tools.  And when you put them together, they become even more powerful. 

For your newsletter, I would recommend tweeting a link whenever you send out a new issue.  However, you should be careful.  Avoid tweeting things like, “Click here for my latest newsletter” or “Check out my May Newsletter.”  Before long the Twitter community will see your Tweets as purely self serving.  Instead, tweet about the great content that you’re providing in your e-newsletters.  And remember to use catchy, to the point headlines to generate interest.

Here are some examples that I would use as tweets for Haley’s newsletter, The Idea Club:

If you stick to these tips, your followers will start to see you as someone who is an invaluable resource to their business.  You’ll probably see your newsletter opt-in list grow as a result as well as generate more followers on Twitter too.

Happy Tweeting!

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