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AllMedical Healthcare Staffing Logo Project

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Logo concepts for AllMedical Healthcare Staffing
Logo concepts for AllMedical Healthcare Staffing

Rebranding: A prescription for success.

We recently completed a new corporate identity project for AllMedical Healthcare Staffing.  They approached Haley Marketing Group looking to rebrand their company with a newer, fresher and more professional logo.  The new artwork needed to convey professionalism, reliability and strength while also appearing modern and energetic.

A pretty tall order, and seemingly one with divergent and competing concepts.  Initially they were looking for a logotype — that is a new identity without a logo mark or icon associated with it.  The previous incarnations of their logo existed without a mark, but Haley Marketing was given the freedom to include one.  We felt the brand could benefit from a strong mark, due to the length and complexity of the company name.  Plus the mark can be used on its own as a website favicon and as a strong design element in other materials.

In the concepts above, we experimented with a number of styles, layouts and marks.  The company name was shortened to just “allMedical” with “Healthcare Staffing” and the other divisions, such as “Locum Tenens,” highlighted  as the secondary type element to the right of the logotype.  The globe icon was agreed upon as it reinforces the “all” message — while not a globally-reaching company, AllMedical does cover all areas of staffing in the healthcare industry.  Plus, this differentiates them from many of their competitors who either don’t use logo marks or use healthcare-themed icons.

Haley Marketing is now in the process of the next step of AllMedical’s rebranding effort — a redesign of their website. Stay tuned for updates later this month as we roll out AllMedical Healthcare Staffing’s bold, new web presence.

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