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Ask Haley: How can my sales team sell more?

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Q: My sales reps are working their tails off, but they aren’t seeing results. How can we get better results?

A: Your sales reps can be the hardest working team in the staffing industry, but it won’t matter if they are calling on the wrong people.

So who should you call on?

Ideally you should target employers that WANT TO TALK TO YOU! While cold calling can work, it’s really inefficient. To improve sales productivity–and close more deals–bring prospects to you with a strategic approach to lead generation.

Here are some ideas for strategic lead generation:

1. Develop some really great content based on the kinds of problems and interests your clients are having right now. For example, local market salary data is always interesting, but in this market, your clients really want to know what they have to do to protect their own jobs and help their companies to grow. A whitepaper, eBook, or even links to relevant articles can be great content. Seminars and webinars can be even better for attracting people.

2. Create a landing page on your website offering the great content free of charge–the only catch is that people have to provide their name and email address to access the content.

3. Send postcards, sales letters or other direct mail promoting the great content on your website. Direct people to your new landing page.

4. Have your sales team conduct telemarketing blitzes to offer the great content. Offering something for free is an easy call–and it gets a much better response than the typical staffing sales call!

5. Use inbound marketing to generate more leads.  Post content and links on social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, and use tactics like SEO, blogging and online PR to drive prospects to the great content on your website. 

Check out our Ask Haley from January for a crash course on the key elements of lead generation through social media.

6. As you collect people’s email addresses, implement a comprehensive email marketing strategy to position your firm, build trust and keep you top-of-mind.

Your email marketing should include regular contact with educational information, market data, direct promotion of top candidates, and even seasonal greetings.

Be sure that the system you use provides detailed reporting, so your reps can concentrate their follow-up efforts on the clients and prospects that show the most interest in your services.

7. Lastly, make your lead generation process an ongoing dialogue, not just a one time sales effort.  If you take a consultative approach to generating and nurturing sales leads, you will be able to engage clients and prospects in more meaningful conversations–and that will lead to improved sales productivity and more sales of higher margin solutions.

Please email me at [email protected] or call me at 888-696-2900 if you’d like to discuss specific strategies for lead generation for your firm.

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