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How to use images in your email marketing

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We’ve all been there…
You receive an email that is a bunch of boxes with red x’s. This is because the email contains images. The images don’t show up until you right-click and then download the files. If you don’t do this the email doesn’t make any sense because all of the important information is on the images. The sad part is most people never bother downloading the images, or have images blocked altogether.

This is a perfect example of email marketing gone wrong. So how can you make sure images aren’t getting in the way of your message, without sacrificing design for those recipients that download the images?

Do not build an email made entirely out of images! This is a guarantee that your message will not get across to your recipients.

Make sure your email works with AND without the images. It is true that images make an email more visually appealing, but you should always make sure your email makes sense without the fancy design.

Use alt-tags on all the images in your email. An alt-tag is a text description of an image. If the image doesn’t show up, then the alt-tag text will display in place of the image.

Last but not least…
Always include a link to view the email as a webpage. That way, if a person is having a problem viewing the email, you’ve given them another way to read your message. The link is best placed towards the top of the email.

For more tips on email newsletters, see my previous post on email buildout standards.

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