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Is the iPhone killing staffing sales?

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Is it just me or is there an epidemic going on? It seems like EVERYONE I know is working harder, trying to work smarter, and still getting less done.

And I think I know the cause…it’s the iPhone. And the Blackberry. And the iPad. And all the other tech toys that keep us tethered to the office. We’re never more than 30 seconds away from email, LinkedIn and Facebook.

And that’s a problem.

We’re too connected. Technology has fostered a culture where everyone expects us to be online all the time. The days of “I’ll get back to you tomorrow” are long gone. People demand instantaneous response. It’s not realistic, and it’s impacting how we sell (not too mention the impact on our sanity!).

Here’s Why It’s So Hard to Sell Staffing…

For a moment, ignore your competition and all the noise they create (that’s just one part of the problem). Forget the lack of differentiation in the industry (that’s a whole other issue).

Right now, even if you can provide a highly unique service that offers incredible value, it’s still hard to sell. The simple fact is that people can’t afford the time to pay attention to your message. They don’t want to meet. They don’t want to take your calls. And they don’t have time to tell you about their challenges or their hiring needs. They’re too busy responding to their email!

In fact our team was just interviewing a buyer of IT Staffing services who commented “What I really want from a staffing firm is someone who can read my mind.”

So What Can You Do?

Well, telepathy is one option. But a more practical solution is to sell people the way they want to be sold.

  • Don’t call.
    Find other ways to get people’s attention.
  • Respect people’s time.
    If you’re going to interrupt, always offer something of value.
  • Entertain and engage.
    Don’t let your marketing or sales approach be dull.
  • Be personal.
    Make sure your messages are targeted, timely and relevant.
  • Be persistent…without being a pest.
    Develop a plan to nurture over the long term.
  • Be patient.
    Most people you call on don’t need you today. Position yourself as a resource ready when they client has a need for your experitse.
  • Be concise.
    Less is more!
  • Help people save time.
    Design your sales and service processes to make life easier for your clients. Make it easier to place orders. Provide better information for evaluating candidates. Even in your sales process you can offer solutions to common problems or information that helps your prospects in their jobs.

Okay, back to my iPad. Five new emails just came in.

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