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Just One Job – An Interesting Approach to Lowering Unemployment

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Last night, CBS News featured a businessman from Philadelphia who is challenging small businesses to hire “just one” person to help alleviate unemployment. Gene Epstein pledged to donate $1,000 to the first 250 small businesses that create at least one job.  Here’s a video clip of Mr. Epstein talking about this plan:

Mr. Epstein points out: “There’s 5,700,000 small businesses, if one out of 10 small businesses hired just one employee, we will bring in 570,000 new employees to payrolls.”

5.7 million is a big number–and most of those companies don’t use staffing and recruiting firms. It’s not because they don’t have a need though. It’s because they aren’t educated on the value of the services you offer. If you can educate just 1 out of 10 small business owners on the value you provide, you will make an even bigger impact and put even more people back to work than you already do!

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