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Is Daylight Savings Past Its Prime?

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Earlier this week, my co-workers and I had a hearty discussion about the confusion surrounding daylight savings time.  While I can state emphatically that I appreciated an extra hour of sleep this past weekend, that hour seemed less satisfying after a discussion/debate on the technicalities of it all gave me a headache.

When do you use EST versus EDT?  Who even knew that there’s more than just EST?  Nevermind the fact that we also discovered that EST is used during daylight savings, and EDT is used after “springing ahead.”  Seems a bit backward…convoluted even… and yup, only made the headache worse.  The whole conversation left me exasperated, even without bringing up the time I rushed to get somewhere, only to find out I never changed my car’s clock (come on, we’ve all done it).

Imagine my surprise and interest when I stumbled upon this article today from Bloomberg/Business Week:

Let’s Turn Off Daylight Savings

Apparently the Haley Marketing office isn’t the only one debating the merits of daylight savings.  Any arguments for or against from the Ask Haley Faithful?

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