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Marketing Lessons From…Yogurt?

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“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” – A Wise Young Marketer

Okay, this grammatically incorrect advice is actually from Thumper, the adorable bunny rabbit in Walt Disney’s Classic, Bambi, but wise words nonetheless. Let’s tweak it just a bit, shall we, and say, “If you can’t say something true, don’t say it at all.” A fine lesson, to be sure, and one that is currently brought to the forefront due to a mishap with yogurt.

Yes, the folks at Dannon (they make yogurt) have recently come under scrutiny for claims that were made about their products. The New York Times recently reported that Dannon settled charges with the Federal Trade Commission regarding false claims the company made about its Activia and DanActive products.

Specifically, Dannon claimed that Activia could ease irregularity and that DanActive yogurt could reduce a person’s chances of catching a cold. The FTC pointed out that there simply isn’t enough evidence to support those claims.

Now, what does this have to do with the staffing industry? I thought you’d never ask…

Many companies want their websites or marketing collateral to tout, “We’re the best,” or “We have the fastest service.” But, at the end of the day, the resulting question is: Can you prove it?

If you can’t (and very few can), then Thumper’s annotated advice is best…don’t say it.

Ultimately, your message will come through as hollow, or worse, could seem like a bald-faced lie. There’s a couple ways to combat this issue, and make your marketing messages more effective:

  1. Identify what truly makes your company different. Maybe you specialize in a certain industry, and as a result, you know that industry inside and out. Perhaps you only place candidates with certain qualifications, so your clients know they’re getting the most certified, educated, or experienced candidates. Assess what it is you really do differently, and emphasize it in your marketing. That is much more memorable – and powerful – than a hollow “We’re great” statement.
  2. If you truly believe your company has the fastest service, or you’re the “best” at something, find the evidence you need to support it. Administer an anonymous survey to your clients, and ask them what you do best. Compile the results into a report, and cite those statistics to back up your claim. While claiming you’re the “best” at something still isn’t advised, you’ll have the support you need to assert you do something better than your competitors.

If all of this seems like a daunting task, don’t worry – Haley Marketing is here to help. From market research surveys to positioning statements, websites to marketing collateral, we have a wide range of targeted marketing solutions that can help you reach your goals.

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