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There is something about the start of a new year that makes everyone take stock – personally and professionally. And, while 2011 is well underway, it is not too late to finalize (or even begin) your annual marketing plan.

Experts say that we have weathered the worst and our economy is beginning to recover. Take a look at your marketplace and your competition. It probably looks drastically different than it did two years ago, or even a year ago. Is your competition out of business? Are there fewer prospects to work with? Fewer clients to serve? Or, are you busier than ever, because you are still standing?

Congratulations! If you are reading this, then I assume you have made it through and are still in business. But, with the changes in your marketplace, does your branding still hold up? Is your core marketing message still valid? Now is the time to assess your brand and, if needed, a great time to rebrand. Click here for more information on branding (link to previous post).

Now, what about your marketing strategy? Are you still incorporating the same marketing tactics that you were in 2009? With the meteoric rise of social media, the advertising and marketing playing field has also changed dramatically. Your customers are talking to each other before they are talking to you. Word of mouth advertising has never been stronger, with opinions being shared 24/7, and consumer reviews happening as soon as your interaction with them is taking place.

With more diverse options in marketing, having a plan is essential. But, where do you begin? One place to start is to call Haley Marketing, we have an array of options to help you stay current and relevant in today’s marketplace. And, here is a great article to help you identify the Top Ten Branding Keys for 2011.

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