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Membership Has It’s Annoyances

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Having worked in marketing for over 12 years now, I’m always looking for good and bad examples in my everyday life.  One of the best sources for inspiration (both good and bad) is my mailbox.  It’s astonishing to me the amount of junk that companies invest good money in.

Today’s mailbox gave me another fine example of bad marketing.  It came from AAA.  It was a basic white 6×9 envelope with bright red font on the cover, “Our Best Reason To Become A Member”.  Nothing wrong so far right?

Well the problem is that I have been a member of AAA for 11 years!  Now I could almost excuse them if the envelope was addressed to “Resident”.  But it has my actual name.

Clearly AAA has purchased a mailing list and did not bother to cross reference it with their member list.  So they wasted about .75-$1 on a membership sales piece to someone who was already a member.  That might sound like a lot but I’m willing to bet I wasn’t the only AAA member to receive this piece.

So what can we learn from this?  Keep you list up to date!  If you are sending out a direct mail piece ask yourself a few questions first:

-Is this intended for current customers or cold prospects?

-Are we targeting the right person?  Is the message intended for senior decision makers or front-line HR employees?

-Do these people already know us or is this a completely cold prospect?

And the same goes for email marketing as well.  Make sure you update your lists every month with new contacts.  2-3 times a year, go through your list and make sure you have up-to-date info on all of your contacts.  Employee turnover can transform a good targeted list into junk very quickly.

Todd Lewandowski has nearly 10 years of marketing experience in the staffing and recruiting industry.  Todd has worked with over 100 staffing and recruiting firms in the development and execution of email marketing programs. 

If you would like to discuss email marketing for your firm, please contact Todd at [email protected].

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