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…for a puzzle to solve.

An alternative solution.
An alternative solution.

When a co-worker brought in the puzzle above, it quickly became a new obsession. The trick is assemble all of these irregular pieces into the square board. Everyone who tries to solve it refuses to give up on it. Because, at Haley Marketing, we see ourselves as problem solvers.

Yes, we each have our own specialty for staffing industry marketing whether it’s writing, web design, or strategic planning. But we all approach our work as problem solvers — whatever your marketing challenge, we have the skills and expertise to come up with an effective solution. And that solution will be a creative one. And by “creative” I don’t mean just pretty pictures and design. Our design team is creative and artistic, but I’m talking about creative solutions — turning things on their heads and looking at them from multiple angles to figure out what you need to reach your buyers.

Which is how I came up with that picture up there, making a message out of those puzzle pieces. So if you have a marketing issue in need of a strong solution — something unique and unexpected — give us a call. We like a challenge.

And, by the way, I solved this puzzle. So I don’t spoil it for the others, here’s a link to a photo of the finished board:

[The Solution!]

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