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Ask Haley: How Do I Break Through the HR Barrier?

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Q:  I’ve worked in staffing sales for years, and I continually come up against the same problem – getting past HR.  What can I do to differentiate my company’s services and reach higher-level decision makers to get the sale?

A:  Here are three quick tips to help you win over internal “gatekeepers” – and sell more staffing:

  1. Be a partner – not a pest.  For most managers, hiring is a real hassle.  Stand out from the competition by positioning your company as a partner who can make hiring easier.  Instead of making pitch after pitch for temporary staffing and direct hire services, try providing your prospects with essential information they can use to streamline their hiring process.
  2. Add value – and help HR look like the hero.  Most executives don’t spend their days thinking about staffing.  If you want to sell to them, you need to show them how your services can improve their company’s bottom line (e.g., ways to lower fixed expenses and drive productivity with staffing).  If you have to sell directly to HR, this information can also be used to help HR professionals look like heroes to upper management – and make their jobs easier.
  3. Mix in a little fun!  Staffing is a business of relationships.  To build strong bonds, you need to go beyond “talking shop” all the time.  Try disarming HR by injecting some fun into your staffing marketing efforts.  Executed the right way, a little humor can go a long way to lighten the mood and nurture lasting business relationships.

David Searns

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