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Last month I celebrated my 10 year anniversary working here as creative director at Haley Marketing. Rarely within the face-paced environment we work and live in are we given a chance to reflect on the past. But grant me a few thoughts…


When I joined Haley Marketing there wasn’t a dedicated department for creative. As a person who enjoys challenges, I’d say there were some unique ones I initially maneuvered around. Who could imagine how much love/hate could revolve around a four lettered noun. WORD! If you have used it, you understand. No more on that topic.


Over time, our creative department began to evolve. Key personalities helped lend their talents to develop and establish award winning work for our clients. Team chemistry was peaking and breaks for yip ball tossing were commonplace.

Solid Foundation

Having helped lay the blocks down for our creative team, we marched onward to future technology development. As I mentioned earlier about liking challenges, brainstorming, another personal favorite, always brought out the best of our diverse and talented team.

Band of Brothers

No matter where one works, there are always challenges, arguments, highs and lows. Most important, from my perspective, is having the right people along for the ride. For some of us, the ride has been longer than others. Some friends have moved on to other rides while we’ve added new friends to share these experiences. I’ve enjoyed each and every opportunity I’ve shared with these “brothers”.

I’ve always believed that each person one encounters in life helps teach us something about ourselves. Over the past 10 years, I’ve learned a lot about myself and hope to continue to grow and push myself more in various ways. The best is yet to come!

Random Flashes

Paper Cuts
“Boring?! I’ll show you boring!”
Lazer Tag
Fountain Tossing
Toe tappin
Sweater Vests (Jake Ryan)
Brad’s Wedding Dress
Overnight website coding parties
Drunken Bowling
Best of Show!!!!!!
“That’s not how you draw a Smurf!”
228,285 Miles
Indiana Jones
Darth Vader’s Santa Hat
Cubical Decorating Challenges
Spray Adhesive
Pat O’Briens
September sweat
Fantasy Football

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