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3 Staffing Customer Experience Don’ts

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Great customer service starts with two types of knowledge:

  1. Knowing what to do.
  2. Knowing what NOT to do.

Most of what I write focuses on the “Do’s”:

 But, it’s equally important to recognize bad habits, shortfalls and oversights in the customer experience – in other words, to know what NOT to do. Is anyone on your team guilty of one of these staffing customer experience “Don’ts?”

#1: Failing to respond.

When a client places an order or has a problem, what’s your standard response time? Do you even have one? It matters. According to CareerBuilder and Inavero’s 2013 Opportunities in Staffing Study, client satisfaction is on the decline – and lack of responsiveness is largely to blame (half of all clients surveyed ranked responsiveness as the thing they value most in a staffing representative).

The simple message here? Call when you say you’re going to call! Create company-wide standards and processes that ensure rapid response, even when the news is bad. Reliable communication throughout the service experience makes your clients feel like you care, you’re on top of things and you have their backs.

#2: Ignoring the impact of turnover and transitions.

Turnover is inevitable and it impacts the confidence clients have in your firm’s abilities. When clients are paired with new account manager or recruiter, they may wonder: “Will this change mean a lot of extra work and frustration for me?” “Does this guy really get my business and industry?” “Can I trust him?”

Proactively manage staff changes by introducing new team members early in the transition. Properly introduce them to clients, explaining the skills, experience and benefits each new hire brings to the relationship.

#3: Missing the mark on quality check-ins.

Following up once a candidate is placed is a vital component of great service in staffing. But unfortunately, many firms don’t do it the right way. While two thirds of staffing firms conduct their placement check-ins over the phone, less than 35 percent of clients say they prefer this manner of check-in. Overwhelmingly, clients prefer email communication over any other form – so adapt your quality control processes to align with clients’ preferences.

In staffing, as in most industries, delivering truly shareworthy service is as much about what you do as what you don’t do – so make sure everyone on your team keeps an eye for these oversights that sabotage your customers’ experiences.

Have a customer experience “Don’t” you’d like to share? Please do!

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