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Staffing Customer Service in 2014 – Top Trends for Your Staffing Firm to Watch

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Top_TrendsNot a fortune teller?

That’s okay!

Just peer into Haley Marketing’s crystal ball and I’ll show you what’s hot in customer service for 2014:

  1. Customers will become more vocal than ever. The massive increase in social media participation (especially on mobile devices) has made it easier than ever for clients to immediately share their experiences with your staffing service en masse. It’s also made it more challenging than ever to stay on top of their conversations.

    If your firm consistently does an amazing job, your biggest challenge will be finding ways to leverage customers’ experiences socially – and turn clients into your company’s personal marketing machine. But if your service isn’t up to snuff, watch out. Customers are far more likely to complain about your service socially than they are to give a compliment. Moving forward, you need to develop better ways to monitor multichannel conversations and properly address both positive and negative social customer feedback.

  2. The rise of the “engagement hub.” Mobile devices and social applications have dramatically transformed our customer service landscape. This year, they will become an absolutely essential part of your service ecosystem – and should be completely integrated into your service processes.

    Look for comprehensive tools that create a unified, multi-channel service hub that allows your clients to start the service in the most convenient channel (be it email, phone, Facebook, LinkedIn or your website), and then transition to other channels as the conversation dictates – without losing context.

  3. More proactive support and service. Efficiently resolving your clients’ issues once they contact you is great – but your competitors will take service one step further. Instead of waiting for problems to arise, smart staffing professionals are systematically reaching out to clients to see how they can help, before problems arise.

    This year, resolve to be more proactive with your service. Formalize processes for connecting with clients before common staffing issues are likely to arise. You’ll certainly prevent problems, and you may even uncover additional opportunities for business.

Have a prediction for how staffing customer service will evolve in 2014? Share your insights below!

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