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Vanilla ice cream in a sugar cone Perfect is “vanilla.”

It’s boring! And it’s not necessarily what your clients want. In fact, if you try to present an image of your staffing firm as “perfect,” your customers may wonder what you’re hiding.

The truth? We’re human. And occasionally, we all make mistakes. So instead of striving for perfect customer service, try striving for honesty.

Here’s why:

Honesty builds trust.

At some point, most of your customers and prospects have probably been swindled or treated unethically by a vendor. They may be leery of the promises you make – and can you blame them?

A great way to overcome that skepticism is by being forthright at all phases of the service process. So communicate often and fully, especially if you anticipate a problem. Actively manage customers’ expectations. Turn clients down when you won’t be able to meet their needs. And own up to your mistakes. When you tell customers like it is (even when the news is bad), they’ll grow to respect the way you do business. Over time, that respect will grow into trust.

Honesty builds loyalty.

People do business with people they trust. It’s that simple. Therefore, building relationships based on honesty is the best way to create a sustainable business model for your staffing or recruiting firm – by keeping customers coming back to you.

Honesty builds your reputation.

When someone at your company makes a mistake, customers are going to talk about it. The question is, what will they say? That’s largely up to you.

Use service mistakes as opportunities to build your reputation – that’s right! Instead of trying to shield your company from blame or cover things up, wave the white flag. And then fix the problem as quickly as possible. By making honesty your policy, and really living it out in your business, you’ll develop a reputation as an ethical staffing firm businesses can really trust.

Honesty is more important to delivering great customer satisfaction than perfection. So don’t try to be perfect! Instead, focus on doing the best work you can, consistently exceeding clients’ expectations and being forthright in everything you do. You’ll build long-term, loyal customer relationships that will fuel your success for years to come.

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