Overcoming the Price Objection

Is Your Staffing Website Costing You Money?

Are you losing clients and candidates because of your website? At Haley Marketing, we design staffing websites. Lots of staffing websites (more than 1,000 at last count). And we regularly track Google Analytics on more than 500 sites. As a result, we know the features that employers and job seekers most want. And we know where staffing websites fail.

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Make Your Company the First Call

A very wise marketer, James Cecil, taught us a great lesson about making your company the first to be called. Or, as Jim put it “when your client suddenly gets hit in the chest with a spear, you want them to think of you as the ONLY spear-removal surgeon in town.” Here’s the secret to staying top-of-mind and positioning your firm as THE “go to” resource.

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Social Sharing: The Key to New Sales and Better Recruiting

Do Staffing Firms Need a Blog?

Blogging takes work. Real commitment. But is it necessary to your business? Given how few staffing firms have them (or keep them up to date), the answer must be no, right? But at one time, staffing firms didn’t need a website, or an ATS, or testing software. If you’re serious about sales, recruiting and your online brand, you need to get serious about blogging.

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