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[Interview] Rob Huffmaster- Vice President of Huffmaster

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Imagine you get a call from a big client. You haven’t spoken with them in years. Now, they need you to replace all their workers in one of their facilities…and you have just days to get it done.  

Sound a bit terrifying? 

Not for Rob Huffmaster and his team at Huffmaster Companies; it’s all in a day’s work.  

On today’s Secrets of Staffing Success, Rob tells us all about his family business and how they have become a world leader in crisis staffing. Rob also shares powerful insights from his Executive MBA program at Northwestern University and his views about the keys to creating lasting differentiation in the staffing industry. He even shares a few lessons learned as a professional race car driver.   

Highlights of this episode include:  

  • Huffmaster’s unique recruiting model (and culture) for high speed, high volume light industrial and healthcare staffing.
  • How solid core values (and a strong Mom!) have enabled Huffmaster to successfully transition through 52 years and three generations of family owners.
  • The importance of operational effectiveness and finding your unique spot on the “Productivity Frontier.”
  • Rob’s somewhat contrarian views on the role of technology and automation in the staffing industry and how it may increase commoditization and reduce the profitability of staffing companies in the long-term.
  • The importance of G-STIC (Goals, Strategy, Tactics, Implementation, Control) and why it is so important to keep marketing (and strategic initiatives) organized by starting with a clear goal and developing the optimal strategies before designing tactics. 


Connect with Rob on LinkedIn and learn more about Huffmaster Companies. 


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