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Important Email Update! – New Law

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Need-to-Know Information for Anyone Doing Email Marketing

As of July 1st, Canada began enforcing a new law that impacts anyone doing email marketing with contacts in this country. This information is important for every staffing firm mailing to a contact in Canada, whether they are a client or candidate.

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is intended to protect all email recipients in Canada from spam email. So what does this mean for companies mailing newsletters in Canada? It means you must be able to prove what we have always required of our clients: permission to mail to every contact on your mailing list.

Here are a few links providing additional details about this law:

With the law in place, all companies need to be aware of the many implications of the legislation. Not only is it important to ensure compliance for financial reasons – including fines of up to $10 million per violation – but also the potential impact on everyday marketing and sales tasks. Here are a few areas where Haley Marketing believes we could see an impact from this law:

  • Companies will want to modify their websites, online forms and even offline documents to request (and track) opt-ins to build future email lists.
  • Companies are going to have to radically improve their email content.
  • Sales will become more challenging, so sales reps will have to be more focused in their marketing efforts.
  • Other sales and marketing tools will see increased popularity – specifically more phone calls (this may be an unintended consequence of CASL).
  • Great content will become even more important to attract clients and candidates.
  • SEO and PPC will become even more important to cost-effectively attract prospects.
  • Event marketing will become more valuable—both attending events where your clients and candidates congregate and creating events (webinars or live events) where companies can attract an audience.
  • Sales reps are going to need additional training to ensure their daily activities are in compliance with the law.

We recommend that any firm with questions regarding CASL discusses them with their legal department.

For any questions regarding email marketing, reach out to our team today!

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