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How to Rock Your Next Trade Show!

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You are most likely paying good money for your booth rental, so you might as well do what you can to make it a successful marketing campaign. Here are some tips to help you begin planning for your next trade show:
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Set clear objectives.

Establish what you expect as a reasonable result from participating in the trade show. Determine what kind of measurement you will use to assure you met your goals. This is when design can truly begin. When you know what you want to accomplish, you can design the look of your booth to best meet your objectives.

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Keep it simple.

Simple and clean booth designs are usually a relief to the overwhelmed trade show visitor . Focus on supplying a simple message –whatever you want visitors to walk away knowing about you. Be clever with how you present that message, but remain focused and clear. Don’t let your visitors leave without understanding what service or product you are offering them.

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Be yourself.

Don’t imitate what you’ve seen someplace else –be innovative! Your booth should represent who you are. It should be unique to what your company has to offer, reflect the personality of your company and leave your visitor with a good lasting impression. Answer the question: “What does your business do that others cannot do or don’t do?”

Be relevant and speak to your audience.

Your booth may present to some, the first insight into what your company has to offer. Train your booth staff to address the types of questions or concerns that may be asked by the audience visiting your booth. Your staff should speak in a relevant manner to the potential concerns of the audience to reach your established objectives.


Promote the trade show like it is your own.

Promote your upcoming booth at the trade show using your website, email and social media outlets. Give potential visitors a reason to visit your booth and engage with you. This is a good time to establish good leads and to network within your industry. Run a contest or promote a giveaway item. Consider tweeting live from the event, posting real-time pictures of interesting things or people. Do whatever you can to generate buzz about your upcoming appearance, even once you are there.


People Like Free Stuff.

Giveaways should provide a unique way for visitors to remember not just your booth, but the conversation they had with you. Whatever you choose to give away should reinforce the theme and objective of your booth. People are usually on the prowl for interesting giveaways, Make sure yours includes information about who you are and how you can be reached. A clever connection between the item and your booth won’t hurt either.


Follow through on your leads.

Don’t just collect business cards or mindlessly shake hands thanking people for stopping by. Establish a plan for following through on the leads you get right after the trade show ends.

As long as the design of your booth reflects the overall vision, values and goals of your organization you can be sure that you will successfully communicate your unique brand with your visitors. Contact Haley Marketing Group for assistance with planning and designing your booth, handouts, and giveaways. We can’t wait to help you rock your trade show booth!

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