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Social recruiting is on the rise

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Social Recruiting Is On The Rice

Every year, CareerBuilder conducts a representative survey of US-based hiring and human resource managers to get a feeling for social media’s uses in recruitment and hiring. This year, CareerBuilder surveyed over 2,000 full-time HR and hiring managers, from February to March, to gather some interesting results about how they research job candidates, which industries use it the most, how they interact with private accounts, and more.

An online presence is important

35% of employers said that if they are unable to find information about a candidate online, they are less likely to interview them.


Social recruitment is rising

52% of employers, up from 43% in 2014 and 39% in 2013, say that they use social networking sites to research candidates.

2013 – 39%

2014 – 43%

2015 – 52%

Socical recruitment varies by industry

Hiring and HR managers in the retail industry are least likely to look candidates up on social sites while those in IT are the most likely.

Health Care – 46%

Health Care – 49%

Manufacturing – 49%

Professional & Business Services – 54%

Sales – 61%

Financial Services – 64%

Information Technology – 76%

Social posts can hurt candidates…

48% of those surveyed said that while screening candidates on social networks, they found information that led to them not hiring a candidate.

“Provocative or inappropriate photographs”


“Information about candidate drinking or using drugs”


“Candidate bad-mouthed previous company or fellow employee”


“Poor communication skills”


“Discriminatory comments related to race, religion, gender, etc.”


…but they can also help

32% of hiring and HR managers came across information that eventually led to a candidate being hired

“Candidate’s background information supported job qualifications”


“Candidate’s personality came across as good fit with company culture”


“Candidate’s site conveyed a professional image”


“Candidate had great communication skills”


“Candidate was creative”


It’s not only the hiring side that does social research

15% or roughly one in every seven job seekers said that they will research hiring managers on social media in a separate survey.


Source: “35 Percent of Employers Less Likely to Interview Applicants They Can’t Find Online, According to Annual CareerBuilder Social Media Recruitment Survey”


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