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Creating Excitement Around Your Upcoming Job Fair or Conference

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You’re most likely paying good money to not only attend your next event, but to plan, setup and be part of it as well. What if the buzz started ahead of time and then continued well afterwards? What if you could somehow build a community around your event, starting a discussion beforehand that resulted in people connecting with you in a powerful way before, during, and after the event? The additional value added to participation could then skyrocket.

Marketing your participation with an event in advance using tools such as promotional items (before and during the event), emails about the event, customized landing pages, and social media marketing specifically about the event can help bring clarity to the issue you intend to present the solution for. Opening targeted discussions beforehand can also help better prepare you to educate and respond to the concerns of your audience.

This strategy uses a bit of the co-creation model that allows user-centered issues to be addressed through a bit of a filter (the filter in this case is the overall theme of the event, and the tie-in of the marketing strategy/theme of your presence at the event). The co-creation model allows others to help identify, understand and use appropriate methods for solving a problem. In this case, it can specifically work to help educate others about the specific role your company plays, and the types of solutions your company offers for the issues being discussed. Using social media to help leverage the power of a shared community experience can be a powerful way to reach and engage with your audience.

During your job fair or conference, sharing through live feeds using tools such Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest which can also be found post-event and continue the conversation. Follow-up discussions on social media can continue to include those who couldn’t attend the event and provide opportunity to foster a working relationship with you.

Giving people a platform around whatever cause, movement or idea you are presenting the solution for, is sure to help build and grow relationships with the audience you are specifically marketing to.

Contact Haley Marketing Group for assistance with planning an effective strategy for your next trade show, job fair or event. Let us help you leverage the power of shared experience and create buzz about you before, during and after your event.

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