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New Staffing and Candidate Resource Centers

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In my opinion one of the best aspects of HaleyMail, our content marketing program, are the Resource Centers.  Our Staffing Resource Center is filled with great content to help manage your human capital.  And the Candidate Resource Center has valuable information to help candidates find a great job, improve their work/life balance and climb the career ladder.

We are also excited to announce a revamp of the resource centers.  We’ve made the page easier to navigate with large icons for each section.  This also helps with mobile views.  And we’ve reorganized some of the categories to make finding the right content even easier.

Another great feature is the ability to customize the colors of the page.  The default black icons can be customized to match your website.

The resource centers are a great way to increase the SEO value of your website and provide your sales team with hundreds of pieces of content that they can use as drop offs, leave behinds, and direct mail pieces.

Take a look at the new Resource Centers…

Staffing Resource Center

Candidate Resource Center

If you would like more information on our Resource Centers, HaleyMail or content marketing for staffing firms please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected].

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