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I’m Not That Crazy Staffing Marketing Guy, Am I?

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I recently read an article in the PR and marketing blog Spin Sucks on how to avoid marketing like a psychopath. I read it and laughed. That’s so funny, isn’t it? Marketing like a psychopath. And the the picture of Jack Nicholson busting through the bathroom door from The Shining — perfect!

Then, as I read on, I thought, “Hey! Wait a minute! Am I guilty of any of these crazy marketing behaviors when I write staffing website copy for Haley Marketing Group clients?” 

Or do I avoid them by following the rules blog author, Bryan Adams presents? I’d like to think so, but let’s take a look at some of thes major points:

  1. Put the readers’ interests before your own.

Yep. We work with our staffing partners to learn their clients’ and candidates’ biggest challenges and demonstrate that our clients are the ones to resolve them.

  1. Treat your customers with empathy.

Most of our website clients deeply understand how tough it is to find the right talent or just the right job. That’s why they’re in the staffing business. It’s our job as marketers to make sure that comes across in the copy.

  1. Consider all the types of visitors your website is likely to have.

When we begin a website project, one of our first questions is “Who is your audience?” This reveals whether our staffing partners want to attract more clients or need to beef up their candidate database. It tells us if they are targeting board members who will weigh in on executive hires or front line managers who need to quickly access temporary help.

  1. Understand the goals of the website and track to see that you have achieved them.

Website goals vary by client and include improved functionality, measurable website traffic increases and better communication of message and branding. As a copywriter I mainly focus on the latter. I want to be sure the tone and style of the website copy matches their business.  Do they want to appear professional? Friendly? Edgy? Specialized?  Will site visitors appreciate a bit of humor or is a more serious tone appropriate?

  1. Appeal to both the emotion and the reason of the reader.

People visit staffing websites to solve problems. We write copy to show that our clients understand those problems and can deliver solutions.  Tight project deadlines, talent shortages, tough to find skill sets — our staffing partners have seen it all. They don’t just fill job orders; they help employers sleep at night.

Okay, by my assessment, I’ve passed the test. I am able to adhere to the rules of not being a marketing psychopath.  How about you? Ask yourself if you are following these rules in your marketing. And if you’re considering a website refresh, new marketing materials or any of these other great marketing services  contact the experts at Haley Marketing Group.  You can market your staffing or recruiting firm without going crazy. Let us show you how.

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