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How Should Our Staffing Firm Use LinkedIn? Part II

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In the first part of this series, we discussed LinkedIn company pages and shared tips on how to effectively use this page. In this article, we will focus on sharing from your personal profile.

When sharing as yourself, as opposed to from a company page, you are able to share updates that appear in your connections feed. You will share a status update, using a link, a graphic and text to drive engagement and interest in the content you are posting about.

How can you make sure you have a great LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn makes it simple to ensure you have a profile that allows you to stand out for your interests, skills and experiences. The most efficient way to check that your profile is up to par is by adhering to LinkedIn’s profile completeness percentage. If you have an incomplete profile with gaps, LinkedIn will prompt you to add more information to the sections that may be lacking. You should have all relevant job history, contact information and any other categories which are applicable to you personally. This may include volunteer work, samples of your work or links to any published works you may have. Asking managers and co-workers to provide references and endorsements is also a great way to build your presence.

But how can you do more?

Sharing updates from your personal profile is great, but we have found that the most value and ROI from time spent sharing on LinkedIn is actually from LinkedIn groups.

What is a LinkedIn Group?

LinkedIn groups are forums that people are able to join in order to discuss a specific topic. Groups can be created by anyone, and are then moderated by that individual. These groups are also a great way to make new connections with people interested in the same topics, discussions or industries that you are.

What groups should I join?

You should consider joining any groups for organizations you are a part of outside of LinkedIn. Additionally, you can look for groups around your industry, geography and areas of interest to join. This allows you to stay up-to-date on the most current information and both ask and answer questions for others related to the topic for each group you belong to.

How do I share in a LinkedIn group?

Sharing in a LinkedIn group is easy – it’s the exact same steps that you use to share on the company page or your personal profile!

Now that you are sharing content on LinkedIn, what’s next?

Don’t just focus on one piece of the social media puzzle, consider a full social strategy to yield the best possible results. For help creating a social media strategy, download our eBook Social Media: A Game Plan for Staffing and Recruiting Firms.

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