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Following Over 2,000 Staffing Professionals on Twitter Taught me THIS

Twitter and the Staffing Industry | Haley Marketing Group
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Twitter and the Staffing Industry | Haley Marketing Group

Spending time on Twitter might seem like a great way to waste time. For me, it’s research.

Sure, I follow friends, family, sports bloggers and musicians, but over the past 2 months I have been following and observing roughly 2000 staffing professionals from across the industry to see exactly how the industry acts on a daily basis.

The following is in under no circumstances ridiculing my followers or those that I followed. It is however an honest observation of what I saw while researching the staffing industry’s behavior on Twitter.

TrueTwit Validation is Still Popular (And I Don’t Know Why)

Validating your followers to make sure they are human is a fantastic way to make sure your follower count remains low, or at least a small fraction of what it could be, and make a terrible first impression on someone that wants to follow you.

When someone comes across your account, whether through a conversation you had with one of their followers or through a popular hashtag, or even through your website, and they take the step to follow you, the last thing that you want to do is send them an automated message asking them to prove they’re human. Trust me…this isn’t a good look for you.

Are there fake accounts on Twitter? Absolutely! Using TwitterAudit, I tested my own account of 900 followers and found that 4.8% of my followers were “Fake” or inactive.  But the truth is, I’m alright with 44 fake accounts following me, because it really doesn’t matter. 

You only have one chance to make a first impression (original I know)..don’t waste it on an automated verification message.

Thanks for the Follow…Check Me Out on LinkedIn!

You impress me with your tweets, the resources you provide are worthwhile and you have a conversation with your followers. So, I click Follow only to immediately receive an automated message asking me to follow you somewhere else.

Listen, we’re still in first date territory here.

Let me get to know you for a little bit and maybe buy me a drink before we jump right into this…

Want me to follow you on LinkedIn or Facebook? Build my trust. Prove to me that the resources you share are worthwhile and worth my time and I’ll look for you myself.

There are a TON of Available Jobs Being Shared

Cutting through the noise on Twitter is hard enough. But when you have an available position that is similar to your competitors, #NowHiring isn’t going to set you apart enough.

From my observations, the overwhelming majority of jobs shared through Twitter are done via text and link. Want to break through the clutter? Include some images, branded or not, that are flashy and stand out from the crowd!

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Twitter Bios Lack Direction

Put simply, your Twitter bio is your 160 character sales pitch.Why should I follow you? What’s in it for me?

When browsing Twitter bios across the industry, one thing I noted was the overwhelming desire to showcase individual personality within the 160 character description. While I think it is important to showcase your personality on Twitter, I would argue that your Bio is the wrong place to do this.

If I want to learn who you are and what you are interested in, all I have to do is scroll through your Twitter feed. Instead of making your biography about YOU…consider making it about ME, the end user.

What value does your account provide? How will following your tweets impact someone’s job search? How will they help a struggling candidate land a job that changes their life?

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Understand the Interests of Your Followers

When it comes to Twitter, being apart of the conversation and being of value to your followers is more important than screaming into the clutter. So how can you make sure the content you share is valuable?

Within Twitter Analytics, there in an Audience Insights panel that lists the interests of your followers. This is important, as it can give you valuable insight into the type of content you should share with your audience as that is the specific content that they find interesting and of value. 

For me specifically, it’s excellent to see that 61% of my audience is interested in marketing. While I’m still going to tweet about the Bills and Sabres, I’ll continue to speak to the interests of those that follow me and continue to share valuable marketing content.

Need a Rosetta Stone to Understand Twitter?

We understand. Learning a new social media platform and the best social media tools is a difficult task. If you are looking for some additional help with key ways to use Twitter to drive real business results we can help.


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