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Want People to Read Your Emails? Use These Tips.

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Of the 200 billion emails sent every day, nearly 84 percent are considered “spam” – and immediately disregarded with the swift click of a mouse.

So, how do you beat this trend, and get your emails in front of your intended recipients, instead of buried deep down in their deleted items?

Consider the following tips.

  1. Use Compelling Subject Lines
    Are you more likely to open an email that states:
    A) 10 Super Cool Tricks All Business Owners Need to Use (#7 will SHOCK you); or
    B) [Your name], I thought this article might help your hiring process.
    While most people will answer B – we see you, Buzzfeed addicts who like answer A better – the trick is to create a subject line that actually appeals to its audience. Chances are, your client audience is educated business owners, so the subject line should appeal to them and offer something that entices them to take the next step, and open/read the email. However – if your audience is candidates, particularly millennials or entry-level employees, don’t shy away from fun and compelling subject lines.
  1. Use an Email Address They Recognize
    While the email address “info@XYZstaffing” may be easiest to use for a mass mailing, it may not be the most recognizable for email recipients. If they’ve communicated previously with a staff member, or would benefit from receiving communication from the CEO, COO or a recruiter, try using their professional contact information instead. Putting a name – and in turn, a face – to communication greatly increases your chances of landing in an inbox, instead of a spam filter.
  1. Use Incentives
    You can’t attach $5 to every email to entice opens – well, you could, but your ROI would be somewhere near the range of abysmal – you can still incentivize recipients into opening your emails. Use the subject line or email intro to answer their question of “What’s in it for me?” Are you providing some form of assistance, payoff, tips or resources that would be authentically helpful to your audience? Then don’t be afraid to include them in a subject line and/or opening paragraph of your email.


Want to send emails that generate an actual return on investment, and stay out of your audience’s spam filter? Let Haley Marketing Group design an email newsletter campaign that drives results and brings visitors to your website. Email [email protected] to learn more about our Content Marketing solutions!


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