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Can you make my logo bigger?

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A very common request from clients is to make their logo larger. This is an issue website designers often face because it can disrupt the balance of the website and the focus of what is being displayed.  Brand recognition should always be important to your marketing goals, however, the appearance of the design is more important to the long-term success of your website. Whether visitors are coming to your site directly, linked from a search engine, or a marketing technique, having an appropriately sized logo paired with engaging content is a more cohesive formula. After all, if visitors to your website like what they see, they’re more likely return to view new content, so that is where the focus should be.

Large logos may work with certain websites such as google.com, where there are very few elements on the page. Many times this is not the case, and the added clutter will look like a mess.  The definitive purpose of the logo is establish that the viewer is indeed visiting the correct website.  Another thing to consider is that users will be viewing the website on a variety of devices including desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices.

A logo appearing within the header of your website should never outshine the message conveying the purpose of your company.  Many successful businesses will use an understated logo and use any leftover real estate to push the product they are selling. While it may be argued they may have more elbow room to have less emphasis on their personal brand, because of their existing recognition, these companies also got to where they are by following good marketing practices and realizing their business goals.  Your logo may have meaning and purpose, but it won’t channel your message quite like a well-written piece of copy.

It may be hard to accept but it’s possible you may have a problematic logo. Does it include unnecessary text or taglines? Does your logo convey your brand and will it withstand the test of time? It’s possible you may need to reconfigure or redesign your logo so that it expresses your company’s message, but also can be effectively used for your marketing goals.

The most successful logos are unique, iconic, and are commonly designed by a professional.  If you need assistance in creating a memorable logo, Haley Marketing Group offers logo design services and can help you leave a lasting impression on your clients.

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