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[SlideShare] Lessons from 20 Years at Haley Marketing

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Article originally published by David Searns on August 16, 2016.
Lessons from 20 Years at Haley Marketing


20 years. How can it be?

Of course, when I reminisce about 1996 like it was yesterday, I just sound old!

The reality is that 20 years is a LONG time, and looking back, I am amazed by how much has changed. Back then, no staffing firm had a website. No one had even dreamed of social media. Even email was relatively new.

In the past two decades, the staffing industry has greatly matured. And marketing barely looks like it did back then.

As I reflect on 20 years, I realize how much I have personally changed (and not just my hairline!). I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by smart, hard-working people, great clients, and lots of friends and colleagues in the staffing industry.

And I’ve learned a thing or two.
Here are a few of the lessons I’ve found to be most valuable…



Lesson Learned?

The experience of the past two decades have certainly shaped our firm. They’ve pushed us to our limits. Forced us to learn, adapt, and innovate. They’ve made us humble, and maybe, just maybe they’ve taught us enough to make “GOOD DECISIONS.”

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