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Keys to a Successful Nurture Marketing Program (part 3 of 3)

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You’ve identified your audience. Defined your expertise. And now you’re ready to begin your nurture marketing program.

[cue the crickets]

Not sure what kind of content will help you build business relationships? Keep reading! In this final installment of my nurture marketing post series, I explain exactly what you need to do to make your marketing efforts a success.

If you missed the first two installments, you can read them here:

The Secret to Staying Top-of-Mind: Nurture Marketing

Build Your Nurture Marketing Program in 3 Steps

What goes into a successful nurture marketing program?

Here are just a few of the ideas we suggest to our clients:

  • Monthly email newsletter to clients, prospects and candidates (yes, you should be nurturing your candidates, too!)
  • Top candidate mailings promoting the cream-of-the-crop talent you have available
  • Holiday/seasonal mailings (i.e., 10 Tips for a Perfect Turkey, July 4th BBQ Recipes, Super Bowl Trivia, 5 One-Tank Trips for Summer Vacation)
  • Quarterly promotions to encourage response
  • Telephone or in-person contact at least once per quarter (you didn’t think you could totally avoid human contact, did you?)

But don’t just rely on one of these tactics; each has a different purpose and intended outcome. The best marketing plans involve multiple touchpoints across multiple channels every month. Just remember to track your results from each tactic so you have the metrics to measure your ROI.

Keys to Success

  1. Make sure any content you share has good take-home value for the reader.
  2. Get permission! Any email contacts you have should be permission-based. You don’t want to be seen as a spammer.
  3. Keep it short. Unfortunately we live in an ADD world. Make sure your content is short and to the point. Save longer content for lead-generating eBooks and whitepapers.
  4. Get sales involved. Make sure your sales team knows what is going out every month. And rely on them for feedback. They are your eyes and ears in the field.
  5. Start a calendar. A monthly marketing calendar will help you not only identify what needs to be done, but when it needs to be done. The last thing you want is to be scrambling to send out a mailing on the last day of the month because you forgot.
  6. Don’t stop selling. Just because you send out multiple mailings each month doesn’t mean you should stop doing your regular sales activities.
  7. Stick with it! Remember, nurture marketing is not intended to get the phone to ring off the hook. This is a long-term marketing tactic, but one that if followed correctly, will make your sales efforts much more productive.

If you want to stay top-of-mind with clients and candidates, make nurture marketing the core of your marketing efforts. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Need help with any of this stuff?

Check out our nurture marketing solutions here or call us today at 1.888.696.2900 for a free consult!

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