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PPC Monday – How to Manage Your Talent Pool on Facebook

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Throughout recent editions of PPC Monday, we highlighted how staffing agencies can boost Facebook content to reach a wider audience and how to use a simple Facebook ad to drive more traffic to your staffing agency website.

Those options are great for a paid Facebook strategy, but what about the organic results of your Facebook page? A combination of paid Facebook advertising and an organic strategy works well. This edition of PPC Monday goes into a hybrid of those models. What if we could grow our audience through a paid strategy and then have our organic content reach that wider audience? That is the benefit of the Facebook Like Campaign.

What Is a Like Campaign?

It’s like paying people to be your friend. (Well, kind of.)

Facebook offers various advertising types and the Like Campaign is a very effective solution. As with most Facebook advertising, it follows a similar formula:

  • Target a select audience,
  • Create your own ad copy
  • Use a photo from Facebook’s library or upload your own
  • Throw some advertising spend
  • Let the ads do the work.

We work with a number of staffing agencies and recruiters who have Facebook pages with followers totals in the hundreds. There is no reason for that number not to be in the thousands. Here are some tips to make it work.

Effective Like Campaign Tactics for Staffing Agencies

Think about your audience – which people do you want to target? More than likely, it will be job candidates (active or passive). Use Facebook’s enormous amount of data to create the target audience you want. Consider geography, current job title, interests such as “job hunting” and other characteristics that could match your ideal job candidate. Maybe you could target current employees of your competitors.

Another really effective audience targeting strategy is to upload your candidate list. If a staffing agency wants to grow its Facebook talent pool, then why not have the same people in your ATS or on email marketing list engage with your content on Facebook? Create a custom audience by uploading a CSV file of email addresses (no other info is necessary) and allow Facebook to match those email addresses with users’ profiles. A lot of people will use their personal email address to apply for a job and also set up a Facebook profile.

Now, what are these Facebook users going to see? This is where a lot of the testing occurs:

  • Photos – try different types of photos. It could be photos of your team, licensed photos through Facebook or other images you think your audience would find engaging.
  • Text – again, try different options. One way to grab your audience’s attention is to offer something that no one else has. Is it something as simple as jobs? Is it career resources? Take a step back and think about why someone would want to click like and have your page become part of their news feed.

As your Like Campaign runs over a span of weeks and months, examine the data and see which strategies are working the best? Facebook’s algorithm will naturally show the ads your audience engages more but take the next step and create more ads that are generating more likes.

Start Your Own Like Campaign Today

If you aren’t pleased with the number of followers on your staffing agency’s Facebook page, consider a Like Campaign. Target your ideal audience, create engaging ads and make adjustments as the data grows.

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