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On the Subject of … Subject Lines

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An email subject line is the virtual equivalent of your foot in the door. Whether you’re sharing some new positions available at your staffing agency, or you’re showcasing some incredible employees you have ready to get to work, you need to make a great pitch to get inside their office…or inbox.

So, how can you master the art of creating a perfect subject line? Follow these five steps.

Identify Their Pain Points

People will be interested in something that pertains to their needs. In staffing, the two biggest needs are jobs and placements. Keep this in mind when writing subject lines, and you’re more likely to change from “delivered” to “opened.”

Use Urgency to Your Benefit

“Candidates ready to work!” is an OK subject line. “[Reader first name], we have a candidate ready to work TODAY!” is a lot more persuasive. Imagine knowing you have a hiring need at the back of your mind, and receiving both of those two emails. Which are you more likely to read?

Don’t Write One

Stick with me here: Write two different subject lines. Then split your mailing list into two sections. You can use a different subject line for each list. Which one works best can help you decide what type of words work best for your audiences. Do they respond to action words? Industry terms? Their own names? This data can be used to improve your email marketing going forward.

Ask a Relevant Question

”Still looking for a new job, [Reader first name]?” or how about “Did you ever find the perfect hire, [Reader first name]?” both ask a question that could entice their reader – and imply that you know their job seeking/hiring needs, which puts you in the perfect position to help them achieve their goals!

Tell a Story

Email marketing – and marketing in general – is a form of storytelling. Consider the email subject line the book cover. If it’s dull, disinteresting or irrelevant, do you really expect anyone to read the rest of the story?

At Haley Marketing, we have decades of email subject line experience. We know what works – and what doesn’t – and we are ready to start writing email subject lines for your company! Click to learn more about our email and content marketing programs.

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